Brewing the Perfect Pot...Coffee at its Best

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How do I brew coffee?

Brewing the Perfect Pot...Coffee at its Best

There are some things you can do to assure a great tasting cup of coffee.

1. Choose your equipment wisely. The coffee press is the preferred method for the true coffee aficionado. Most people probably use a traditional drip coffee maker. We suggest using one with a permanent (i.e. gold tone) filter rather than paper. Paper will taint the flavor of your coffee unless first rinsed well with hot water.

2. Use the right grind. If brewing with a flat-bottom filter use a medium grind. V-bottom filters require a slightly finer grind.

3. Use the right water. The "right water"? Yes. If your water tastes bad, your coffee will also taste unpleasant. Use filtered water whenever possible.

4. Use the right amount of coffee. Two tablespoons per six ounces of water is ideal. Adjust to fit your personal taste.

5. Get it while its Hot! Coffee can only remain on a burner for about 20 minutes before it starts to taste bitter. Put it in an insulated thermos if you would like to keep it for longer.

6. Never place your fresh coffee beans in the refrigerator as this dries them out.

7. Always share your great coffee with great friends and ENJOY!!



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